Double Bulb Tree


USPTO PATENT Number: US 20070201228 A1

Compatible with SOLAR panels, or AC/DC systems



  • Choose Bulbs for a 50% Discount!
  • Choose stem lengths of 8" 11" or 16" 
  • Choose bulbs in 24v series or 12v parallel wiring to match your lighting system. Comes with mounting washers and nuts. The 12 volt system is a green wire using the stem as a conductor to tie the outside bulb jackets together in 12v parallel or 24v series. 

WARNING! This bulb tree is intended as a replacement to an existing 24vac gas light conversion bulb tree or to add to an existing 12 or 24 volt AC or DC system. You have a gas lamp head with a 24vac conversion kit already installed and the bulb tree has gone bad and you want it to be as bright and efficient as possible again.  

By choosing 2 matching LED bulbs our Charm-Lite bulb tree will produce 400 to 800 Lumens in brightness emanating from the 2 separate sockets to keep that gas light look and feel. The Charm-Lite bulb tree keeps the separate socket and bulb design making repairs as simple as changing a light bulb. Try to do that with any other product on the market today. Our superior engineering design utilizes copper, not plastic, in bulb tree bulb sockets, providing a lifetime of luminous light, without product replacement. Sockets won’t melt, displace or corrode over time when exposed to moisture or heat. Because of LED bulbs, our Bulb Trees stand the test of a Lifetime Warranty. Our patented versatile engineering design allows adaptation to 12 for a solar system or an existing 24-volt system.

Why Low-Voltage and not 110 Volt?



...Standard 110v bulb sockets act like a cup, trapping moisture caused from a well ventilated gas lamp head corroding the socket and blowing bulbs when activated.

The Charm-Lite inverted 24 volt bulb socket repels moisture. Bulb sockets made of Copper improves bulb life by dispersing bulb heat while simulating a two-mantel gaslight avoiding corrosion rain or shine.

...At 110 volts, a short will energize the yard light, giving the danger of a shock if touched.

NEC and UL require all 110-volt lamp heads must be NEMA-approved fixtures.

Low 24 Volt is safe and easy to install. You just hide the wire and plug it in! No Lic. required.

...If lightning strikes close enough, the surge of voltage can travel through the circuit like a lightning rod and destroy electrical products plugged in the home. Protect your house with Charm-Lite's isolated secondary transformer and PTC Short Circuit Protection.

The copper will patina. We use inhibitors to slow the process your bulb tree will age over time to a beautiful old world finish. Comes with a standard 1.5" 1/8"X1" allthread mount or you can upgrade to extended 3" threads necessary for a Boulevard lamp available upon request.

  • Model: DIY2
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8125 lbs

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