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AVERAGE GAS LIGHT is defined as fueled up "half way" / For your State monthly energy cost click: 2018 US DOE Summary Our LED bulbs are BRIGHTER than Mantles!



2525 BTU's=.025 THERMS PER HR @ 8760 HRS. A YEAR
= 219 THERMS / (10.27 Therms = 1 Mcf)
= 21 annual Mcf X $16.59 PER Mcf =

 $348.59 Per Year

4.8 WATTS X 4015 HRS. A YEAR
= 20 kWh PER YEAR
X $0.13 PER kWh =

$2.50 Per Year

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Charm-Lite Proposal Summary
This proposal was initiated by Subdivisions and Condominium owners, who recently communicated with Charmlite owner, Mark Young, investigating energy conservation, efficiency, and cost savings alternatives to residential gaslights.
To all Sub-Division developments, with individual gaslights. Gas light owner costs could be reduced significantly by converting natural gas burning lights to low volt electric energy. Costs have risen to as much as $311 or more to burn an average natural gas lamp per year, compared with $12-incandesent or $2.50-LED annually for electric energy. For 50 gaslights, natural gas annual expenditures will total $15,550 while electric energy is only $594/$125 per year.
Charm-Lites have complete life time warranty, one piece, copper bulb sockets, not plastic housings, which means parts will not rust, crack, or melt, like plastic. This means community homeowners won’t be faced with additional costs for replacement parts.


Charm-lite provides the quality, and energy cost saving solution consumers seek to problems associated with rising gas prices, energy conservation, and product inefficiency. Charmlite products are crafted from only the most durable materials, such as copper, which enable consumers to enjoy decades of luminous light, without corrosion associated with plastic, heat, or lightening. Our copper socket bulb trees will not rust, corrode, melt or displace. Not in two years from now, not ever. Our lifetime guarantee on our bulb tree assures you a lifetime of luminous light.

HOA Newsletter Example...

Gas Light Conversion Program
Charm-Lite Inc. is offering a
Gaslight Conversion Discount
  • Order your Charm-Lite Gas Light Conversion Kit online or over the phone. 
  • Enter the Discount Code (Zipcode) on page 3 of the shopping cart "Check-out" to recieve free shipping.
  • We will deliver it when we are on location so you can install it yourself or, We will install your Conversion Kit for you at the time of delivery. Order today and we will schedule your installation during the schedule dates
Standard Installations will be performed unless customer considerations require additional efforts and or materials above the standard installation procedures approved by the National Electrical Code.
Charm-Lite has been approved by your Archatecual Review Committiee as the installation device for gas lights in your community.
Here is what the Gas Light Conversion committee has suggested for your home:
24 Volt Gas Light Conversion Kit
- Bulb Tree Stem height: 8 in. Stem

- Bulb Choice: LED-24 Warm White 
Complete Conversion Kit can be purchased over the internet at:
Or by phone: (765) 644-6876 9-5 M-F (Leave phone # and call back times)
The Board is happy to report that we have completed our search and evaluation for an economical conversion for our gas lamps, in an effort to assist all of us in lowering our natural gas bills. It is calculated the current lamp operating cost is approximate $30-$50 per month; or a whopping $600 per year. The Coleman-style burners can reduce that figure by 40%.
We have located a conversion kit (that allows the original lantern “head” to remain unchanged) and have negotiated a quantity purchase for both kit and installation. Professional installation is an option, as the installation is relatively simple, it could be done by the homeowner.
The system consists of a low-voltage two-bulb assembly, with a dusk-to-dawn sensor and surge-protected 24-volt plug-in transformer. Since this is a low-voltage system no deep trenching is required. Rather, the wire is buried in a fashion similar to other low-voltage type garden light fixtures. A shovel used to slice and push back the sod allowing for a near-surface wire burial. A small hole is drilled through the house structure at the same level and location of other services, like water, gas and cable installation. Once inside your home the transformer is simply plugged into an existing duplex outlet…and that’s it! The kit manufacturer states that his LED system cost less than $3.00 per year on average to operate.


Why should you do this?
Gas prices have sky-rocketed and the cost of operating a gas lanterns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week has become cost prohibitive for most of us as evidenced by the large percentage of homeowner electing to turn-off their lanterns. Since there is limited street lighting, this low-voltage cost-effective solution will provide very adequate nighttime illumination (40 watts) for our home frontage and walkways.
By purchasing this conversion kit all homeowners, are attempting to once again have an aesthetically acceptable commonality to a beautifully planned community, thus enhancing re-sale values.
Will my lawn be torn up during the installation?
No! It is unnecessary for deep-trenching to occur. The slice shovel trenching will likely disappear within the spring growing season.
Can I install the system myself?
Yes! The Charm-Lite provides very detailed conversion instructions. In addition, you could always inspect a professionally installed kit near you and pick up some pointers. If you elect to self-install, it is suggested that you purchase the wire from Charm-Lite Inc. This is to insure consistency and proper electrical characteristics of wire.
Code does not require an electrician for a low voltage system.
Who do I contact to have it installed?
If you selected to have your conversion kit professionally installed, you will be contacted by the installer to schedule the installation. This will insure that access will coincide around your busy schedule.
Clean the glass, put on a fresh coat of paint, install a dusk-to-dawn control, Bury wire to the house, and plug it in.That’s how to install a Charm-Lite Gas Light Conversion Kit. It takes about an hour. The conversion kit can be purchased on-line at: Or by phone: (765) 644-6876 9-5 M-F
Solid-State construction allows for an 8 second turn on. This feature improves bulb life by reducing bulb flicker. Versatile, industry standard package for mounting in posts or boxes. Mounting nut and gasket included. Commercial grade 2.5 Amps at 12-24Volts AC ONLY.
Solid State Electronic Technology provides:
  • Increased Performance
    8 second delay, eliminates flicker at dusk and dawn
    SMD Technology, Consistent Switch-Point, and Thermal Stability
    Accurate Dusk-on and Dawn-off switching
UL Listed to specification 1310. Auto-Reset fused PTC secondary for short circuit protection, Encapsulated plug-in type. INPUT: 110v; 1a / OUTPUT: 24v; @ 50va. For safe easy low-voltage do-it-yourself installation. The transformer absorbs stray voltages and protects the rest of the house from lightning surges. UL Listed fused 24 volts makes Charm-Lite the safest form of outdoor lighting available

Charmlite provides choices of LED or frosted incandescent bulbs that perfectly resemble gas light mantles.
Charmlite provide an Internet Online Do-it-Yourself tips and tricks forum, and comprehensive searchable forum created by installation pros, readily available to answer any online questions consumers, installers, or contractors may have, at We want to ensure the do-it-yourself market can easily install our product with professional ease and style. Rather installations are performed by homeowners, or a seasoned professional, Charm-lites can be easily installed for years of energy and cost savings. Charm-Lite Gaslight conversions not only allow homeowners to save hundreds of dollars a year, and conserve energy, but also provide the absolute best craftsmanship.

Why Low-Voltage and not 110 Volt?



...Standard 110v bulb sockets act like a cup, trapping moisture caused from a well ventilated gas lamp head corroding the socket and blowing bulbs when activated.

The Charm-Lite inverted bulb socket repels moisture. Bulb sockets made of Copper improves bulb life by dispersing bulb heat while simulating a two-mantel gaslight avoiding corrosion rain or shine.

...At 110 volts, a short will energize the yard light, giving the danger of a shock if touched.

NEC and UL require all 110 volt lamp heads must be NEMA approved fixtures.

Low 24 Volt is safe and easy to install. You just plug it in! No Lic. required.

...If lightning strikes close enough, the surge of voltage can travel through the circuit like a lightning rod and destroy electrical products plugged in the home. Protect your house with Charm-Lite's isolated secondary transformer and PTC Short Circuit Protection.


Consumers will enjoy old style charm lighting, the beauty of low voltage lighting, rather than the washed-out, bright, bothersome lighting that comes with other types of electric lighting. Consumers will enjoy the comfort of security and safety many feel with an illuminated gaslight. They won’t have to shut off service to their light. They won’t spend up to $400 a year to operate their gaslight, and they will be guaranteed product satisfaction. Parts can purchased as a kit, or individually through our website.
Historic Preservation
Charm-Lite, in our quest to assure excellence in preservation, have assured homeowner associations and home owners alternatives to the current energy crisis. Charm-lites will provide your HOA thousands of dollars a year in savings through our gaslight conversion product. While budget committees are assured financial savings, city public works departments are also assured quality and safety of the product. Through use of the Charm-lite product we also assure quality and preservation of historic culture, assuring the attraction of potential home-buyers, new business and tourists, increasing city revenue, boosting budgets, as well as preserving the quaint history and intrinsic beauty.

Charm-lite Gaslight Conversion kits provide the energy and cost savings needed to adequately convert lights from gas to electric, while retaining old style gaslight charm, and product excellence needed to ensure high quality, durable products, while providing safety and security needed.

All homeowners are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this one-time cost-saving offer. It will be necessary to present the installation form attached to Board member indicated below:
Cut on this line
Please check one box only
Professional Installation / Self-installation
Signature:__________________________________ Date:_______________________