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Corporate History – The Old Days

Charm-Lite Inc. is a 40-year-old company, first established in 1982. We presently exist with main offices in Gilbertsville, Kentucky, and manufacturing facilities in Geneva, Indiana with active contractors from Chicago to Sarasota, Las Vegas to Virginia. We work with contractors in almost every other state. Area list available upon request.

The original Charm-Lite story began as an idea that soon grew to include manufacturing engineers who believed in durable designs, and the intricate handcrafting of each part, as well as a team of labor intensive installation experts. While our engineers focused on design and innovation, our personal care team focused on customer satisfaction and installation simplicity, creating many of the philosophies we still employ today.

The Charm-Lite team believed they could develop a disruptive innovation product that met customer lighting needs while designing a system that promoted present and future conservation of our precious energy resources. They were right. Charm-Lite customers continue to enjoy the beauty and old style charm of a simulated gaslight fixture while continuing to save money, time, and energy.

A New Era
Today, the Charm-Lite fixture model is a refined, more durable, capable, and innovative form of its previous self. Our manufacturing facilities have expanded since the old days to include an American subcontracting facility of willing engineers and industrial operators, employing the same type of conservation, durability and longevity Charm-Lite remains committed to providing today.

Contracting teams exist throughout many U.S. cities, servicing Homeowner Associations, Neighborhood Communities, and City Governments, with new LED lighting needs. 

Our courtesy, personal care, simplicity, and customer satisfaction is truly one of a kind. Our passionate commitment continues to testing and developing the best, most decorative, energy efficient products available on the market today while partnering with energy conscious consumers in creating winning lighting innovations. 

Patents, Products, and Innovation
We remain focused on green building and protecting the environment. With patents pending in many areas of innovation, and members of
Various Home Owners Associations and Management firms like Associa, Pulte, NEMA, The American Solar Energy Society, and Coop America Green Energy Network, we remain committed to providing consumers with the most energy efficient, innovative lighting products available.

As such, Charm-Lite in recent years researched and designed new products, such as an LED Dusk-To-Dawn Control that switches both 12vac and 24vac volts up to 10 amps of power for our patented copper bulb tree and innovative dual wiring system, which offers advanced longevity, and convenience.

Charm-lite continues to research state of the art technologies and research future product additions in developing LED lamps specifically designed for exterior post lantern illumination.

Charm-Lite continues to provide good energy choices, while also saving money and time. We offer high quality, low voltage lighting perfectly resembling the soft glow of gas lighting, without prohibitive natural gas costs or environmental fossil fuel damage.

Charm-Lite’s technically advanced products are capable of unsurpassed benefits, assuring consumers the best lighting fixture, and best energy choice on the market. We continue to investigate innovative methods of post lantern lighting and believe in the same product simplicity and durability our company started with. As owners of post lantern lights we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We proudly celebrate our 34-year history and still believe our customers and their needs come first. We salute you for purchasing Charm-Lite’s advanced lighting products. Thank you for selecting a good energy choice. 

We look forward to serving you, 

Mark Young; CEO of Charm-Lite Inc 

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