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Hello Gas Light Owner,

We may not be available but, we check e-mails constantly. We have extensive knowledge on gas light conversions and would be happy to share it with you. Leave a message telling us who you are, what your question is, and how best to contact you. We will research your questions from the data in the message we receive and answer it as soon as possible. After we have solved your gas light problem, please help us with your customer review

Because we get hundreds of phone calls and orders every week, questions are best handled through our message system below. Texts and phone calls will also work however please keep in mind an e-mail message thread can be searched to track and solve a problem. Please contact us for an RMA to the Office address above.

The definitive diagnostic procedure I use combines the replacement of the weakest and most vulnerable areas first.
Since 2014 We have offered the new LED dusk-to-dawn control with an 8 second delay for LED. To test you must use opaque black tape and not your finger I do not know why but the control will see through your finger.
If installed after 2014 you can use our 12VAC/DC LED Bulbs. You still need 2 of them to work and they need to be a similar balanced AC LED bulb type we offer on the website.
Incandescent bulbs are subject to water intrusion and power surges. LED bulbs are more forgiving but you may want to seal up the inside top from water dripping onto the bulbs. Bulb brands are another factor, a cheap 1141 can fail faster than a 2000 hr. 1141LL (LL ="Long Life.")

1. Replace both of the bulbs with a set of automotive #1141 incandescent bulbs. If one bulb has gone bad the other one will not work because they are in series; 12 volts + 12 volts = 24 volts.

2. Next, bypass the dusk-to-dawn control. If there is still no light you can take the lamp off and hook it directly to the transformer to test the rest of the circuit. A broken wire underground will not short the transformer so you will still have a green light.

If all else fails contact me, I will not give up on making sure your light works as intended.

Best Regards,

Mark Young

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