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Victoria and Mark of Charm Lite,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the professionalism and courtesy that you provided to my home owners of Culbreath Oaks HOA in Tampa, FL.

As the president of this HOA and the person leading the requirement to convert from an always on Natural gas light to a Dusk to Dawn electric solution, I was on hook to all the home owners to ensure this transition was smooth.

I have had the opportunity to follow up with all the home owners that had Natural Gas lights closest to their home. These home owners had to be get the light connected to their personal residence as part of the conversion. Many of the residences were concerned about running the electric cable and connecting the transformer to their home.

Once all was said and done, almost every homeowner raved about the great job your team did with the conversion. After a few days, they could not locate where the cable was run and they were surprised when you provided a power strip in the event that they had no extra power outlets.
When discussing how the lights look after the conversion on electric vs Natural gas, most people fee that it looks better than the Natural Gas. The light is much more crisp.
The amount of light, is just a bit less with the the brightest bulbs, (we had 4 mantles per lamp) but because it's more crisp and the lamps stay cleaner it seems to project more light. We are very satisfied with the outcome.

With the Charm Lite conversion we expect to save about $13,000 a year on energy costs. That's huge considering that our annual budget is under $18,000.00. In this economy our home owners can use every penny of the savings.

This is also a real win for the environment; with the dusk to dawn light sensors, we only use the electricity that we need for the evening, unlike Natural Gas it's not using energy 24 hours a day.

To calculate and track the costs of the lights I purchased a Kill A Watt EZ power monitor. This way we will be able to accurately credit each home owner the cost of the yearly electricity by reducing their HOA fees. We expect the cost per lamp to be about $30.00 a year, your team at Charm lite is estimated the cost to be about $12.00 a year per light. Either way, it's much better than the $740.00 per light per year we were paying with Gas.

Great job, thank you for providing everything you promised, exceeding our expectations and making me look like the hero to our home owners.

Carl Hebert
President - Culbreath Oaks HOA
Date Added: 12/30/2008 by Charm- Lite

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