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Carbide Tip - Flexi Shank Bellhanger Drill Bit 3/16" Shank With 1/2" Bit, 54" Long

You have a sidewalk between your gas light and the house.

And you want to go under it in 15 seconds.

I've been using this trick for years and I love it. Make sure when you dig down below the concrete, you drill across, horizontally so you will find it equally as deep on the other side.

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Steve Sherbondy
3 of 5 Stars
I used this item about a 15-20 times before it broke (the tip came off). It doesn't work too well under all sidewalks because some sidewalks have a lot of gravel under them. And under pavers it's useless. (Just place the wire on top of the sand underneath the bricks.) It's limited with clay too. If it's just dirt, then it works okay. It tends to get stuck in gravel, which is how it broke...it wouldn't come back when I pulled on it and it snapped off the drill rod where the bit was connected to the rod.

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