Gas Lights Banned in MN

State of MN have banned outdoor gas lamps since 1974...


Minnesota Statutes 2006

Subd. 5. Natural gas outdoor lighting prohibited; exception. After July 1, 1974, no new
natural gas outdoor lighting shall be installed in the state. However, the installation and use of
natural gas outdoor lighting that is equipped with either an automatic daytime shutoff device or is
otherwise capable of being switched on and off, is permitted.

Subd. 6. Variance for decorative gas lamp. Beginning April 20, 1977, no person shall use a
decorative gas lamp in Minnesota except as provided in this subdivision and in subdivisions 5 and
7. The commissioner shall grant a permanent variance allowing a homeowner who received a
variance in 1977 to operate a decorative gas lamp or lamps at the homeowner's principal place of
residence. The variance shall be valid for the life of the recipient. The commissioner shall not
issue a variance to any other person to use a decorative gas lamp or lamps.

Subd. 7. Exemption for old gas lamp. Gas lamps installed prior to April 20, 1977, by or at
the request of a municipality, on a public street or right-of-way, may be used as street lighting.


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