Maintaining a Gaslight Versus Upgrading a Gaslight

  When you look at the nostalgic charm of the gaslight, you could ask, “Who wouldn’t want one?”  Gaslights have history and demonstrate wealth.  It started with William Murdoch, an Englishman who first used a gas flame to illuminate his house and place of work.  Yes, gaslights are history and their warm light provides the poetry of a beautiful evening.

Having said all of that, funding the upkeep of a gaslight is entirely another matter.  Due to the steady rise in cost of natural gas, maintaining a gaslight is a noble gesture.  Your cost for lighting that one gaslight at the end of the driveway is over $300 a year.  Before you squirm too much, just know that there is an easy solution to maintain the light but at a fraction of the cost.
Advancements with electricity have made it possible to slash those costs into pennies on the dollar.  “How low?” you may ask.  Around a nickel for every dollar you spent on natural gas.
How does this work?  Install a Charm-Lite retrofit kit right now to replace your gaslight and witness an immediate drop in your natural gas bill.  Shut off the gas to your gaslight and use inexpensive electricity.
The Charm-Lite is composed of copper.  It has the shape and feel of a gaslight, but it illuminates with bulbs.  It’s your choice whether to use incandescent or LED bulbs—both are easily replaceable and both shed the warm white light of a gaslight.  The bonus is that bulbs are brighter than gaslights, illuminating the area more and giving greater security.  They also do not produce the soot that blocks the light of gaslights and therefore require less frequent cleaning.  Entire neighborhoods are lit by Charm-Lite gaslight conversions for the reason of cost-savings, but they marvel at the added brightness to the neighborhood.  Cut your costs now by ordering your Charm-Lite and getting it installed.

From the author:

Craig Heck, LED Applications Engineer

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