Go Green and Save Hundreds on Winter Heating Bills

Once again, Winter is almost upon us. For many across the nation, this means winterizing homes, and vehicles, hoping for a mild winter as we investigate methods of saving on home heating bills.


Many homeowners are already scrambling to insulate homes, buy energy efficient heaters, and turning off appliances that spend needless energy dollars, especially in light of recent reports by the Department of Energy that natural gas utility costs will rise by 22% this winter.

While the rest of us wonder when the natural gas crisis will end, and look to the government for viable solutions to rising gas costs, and a dwindling pocketbook, Charm-lite.com have taken the issue to the forefront of their manufacturing concerns by developing a product that not only allows American homeowners to save hundreds of dollars this winter on natural gas utility bills but also allows for substantial energy savings.


Their copper based gaslight conversion kit allows homeowners to convert exterior gaslights to electric energy, thereby saving approximately $400 per year, as costs are reduced per light to $11.88.


Charm-Lite Inc. also offers homeowners the ability to “go green” by saving on carbon emissions normally associated with natural gas burning lights and wasted energy. Many gaslights with open flames burn out during windy days, associated with many Midwestern and southern states, which means even when the gaslight is void of flame, natural gas continues to leak into the atmosphere, along with needless carbon emissions flowing into the air.


In addition, natural gas powered lights burn energy and waste dollars every second of the day and night. Charm-Lite’s electric conversion kit, on the other hand, includes a unique dusk to dawn system, which automatically comes on at sunset and goes off at dawn, which means during daytime hours the light is not wasting electric energy.


Charm-lite’s copper conversion device also promotes healthy living, protects mother earth, and ensures a healthy environmental future.


Consumers are ever more energy conscious and understand the benefit of not only saving money but also preserving our environmental future.


“I'm looking forward to a reduction in gas bills and greenhouse gas emissions,” said homeowner Greg Hartley, of Pittsburg, PA.

Copper, with its durability and long lasting properties, is listed by the U.S. government as an environmentally safe building product and is used not only in the plumbing and electrical industries but also by the United States government in the manufacture of pennies due to its durability and long lasting properties.

A copper conversion device also means product life is extended, reducing occurrence of cracking or melting as many plastic based products do in extreme temperatures.


Many homeowners across the nation will shut off service to their gaslights, in an effort to save on winter heating bills, as well as protect precious natural energy resources. Independency from oil should not mean a lack of safety, community aesthetics, or historical preservation.


Many communities with gaslights also lack proper streetlights, which presents a safety issue when homeowners discontinue service to lights, leaving dark streets even darker.


Such was the case with Stratford Village Neighborhood Association in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Many homeowners had discontinued service to their lights to save on natural gas utility costs. The result was dark walkways and dark neighborhoods, as the community lacked proper street lighting.


The association soon investigated a gaslight conversion neighborhood program, using Charm-lites to light the way.

“I cannot say enough on how great the neighborhood looks with these lamps,” explained HOA President, Richard Ferris.

“The lights give significantly more light than the gas flames we had, and saved each homeowner a lot of money in natural gas cost.”

Homeowners and associations are not the only ones interested in cost and energy savings. Many historical cities have holiday festivals, and tourism is still known for the quaintly burning lights lining their streets.


The dichotomy many associations and cities are faced with is historical preservation versus huge natural gas costs to cities and homeowner associations. Yet, what many lack in converting such lights is an attractive solution to the two mantle gaslight.


Charm-lite’s gaslight conversion device perfectly resembles the two-mantle, inverted gaslight device, and offers consumers the ability to not only save money, and preserve historical relevance, but also to save huge on energy expenditures.


In 2007 the city of Bristolville, Ohio, whose November lighting ceremony and Christmas festival took place beneath the soft glow of historical gaslights converted to electric using Charm-Lite’s gaslight conversion device.


They sought an attractive solution, and not finding one considered discontinuing service to the lights, which meant the disruption of a long standing tradition in their community that included mistletoe wreaths to accentuate the soft glow of gaslights.


After discovering Charm-Lite’s inverted mantle model that perfectly resembled a gaslight device, they converted Bristolville Park lights to electric, combating the natural gas crisis, and preserving historical relevance and community aesthetics.


“We custom made a four mantle light conversion device, which allowed them to preserve their lamp heads, as well as maintain a long standing tradition in their community,” explained Mark Young, of Charm-Lite.


“Because our products are low voltage, replacement of post lantern heads becomes unnecessary, and also means Charm-lites are safe to install.” 

Charm-lite, with its 25 year history in the manufacture of gaslight conversion products, have proudly converted homes for homeowner associations across the nation, with experienced contractors across the Midwest, and eastern states.

Not only do they offer electric solutions but have also engineered custom products for HOA’s interested in solar solutions, and offer solar panels and switches on their website. They continue to offer the product changes and energy solutions to the natural gas crisis that American consumers demand.

Charm-Lite continues to research advanced technologies and engineering practices that focus on energy and cost savings to average homeowners, associations, and contractors, resulting in products that achieve not only cost and energy savings, but also decades of luminous beauty, security and old style charm.

So don’t turn off that gaslight just yet. While winterizing homes, and finishing home projects, don’t forget to electrify your gaslight.

For more information about Charm-Lite Inc. or its products visit www.charm-lite.com, email charmlt@yahoo.com, or call (765) 644-6876.

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