Solar Solutions

Solar power is a distinct way to light your way. If you have absolutly no other means of getting power to your post lantern then solar is the best choice. Keep in mind the cost of replacement batteries and sunlight requirements will offset your savings in the long run.
Our LED bulbs with the Charm-Lite fixture will resemble a gas mantle and our Solar Charge controller will extinguish the light while it charges the battery during the day. Depending on what longitude you live, your solar expectations should be covered by a combination of available sun light directed to a 45+ watt solar panel while to charging a 50+ Amp hour battery.

We have the Charm-Lite bulb tree, LED bulbs, Solar panels, and Charge Controllers necessary for that gas light look and feel. Your local battery dealer should be able to find an AGM or Lithium battery for you.

Dear HOA President,
In the past It has been problematic to hide a 3'x2' solar panel, and then find a 50Ah battery that will last more than 5 years. Solar is a novel idea fashioned for only the circumstances that require a temporary solution or one that is missing any other source of power for miles.
HOA's do not want to indenture one home owner for the needs of the many. I believe it is a property value consideration. It takes one kind member willing to take on the very small electrical responsibility with a promise of lesser HOA dues about $12 per year for the quad bulb tree, and a guarantee that when it is time to sell their home, the connection can be cut only to be connected to another kind neighbor nearby if the new homeowners object.
It is the concept of having the greater good that makes association living appealing to its members.
Best Regards,
Mark Young