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Solar power is a distinct way to light your way. If you have absolutly no other means of getting power to your post lantern then solar is the best choice. Keep in mind the cost of replacement batteries and sunlight requirements will offset your savings in the long run.
Our LED bulbs with the Charm-Lite fixture will resemble a gas mantle and our Solar Charge controller will extinguish the light while it charges the battery during the day. Depending on what longitude you live, your solar expectations should be covered by a combination of available sun light directed to a 45+ watt solar panel while to charging a 50+ Amp hour battery.

We have the Charm-Lite bulb tree, LED bulbs, Solar panels, and Charge Controllers necessary for that gas light look and feel. Your local battery dealer should be able to find an AGM or Lithium battery for you.

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One 20,000 Hr. 18-LED Bulb

One 20,000 Hr. 18-LED Bulb

Created for critical power and size circumstances from Halco however... IF you have the older eye that is like a dimmer (before 2014), please upgrade to the new Dusk-To Dawn eye. It works with both incandescent and LED bulbs. Energy Efficient • Up to 88% energy savings compared to standard halogen lamps Technical Data •2.4 watts and...

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Photovoltaic, Charge Controler with Dusk to Dawn Switching

Photovoltaic, Charge Controler with Dusk to Dawn Switching

Photovoltaic, Dusk-to-Dawn, Charge Controller Specifications Battery System Voltage 12VDC Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage 26VDC Max. PV Short Circuit Current 6A PWM Setpoint Sealed Type Battery Setting : 14.3V ±0.1V Wet Type Battery Setting : 14.8V ±0.1V Min. Operating Voltage 3VDC Rated Charging Current 6A Max. Charging Current...

45 Watt, Polycrystaline Photovoltaic Solar Panel

45 Watt, Polycrystaline Photovoltaic Solar Panel

45 Watt, Photovoltaic Polycrystalline Solar Panel   PV Manufacturer: ZMSOL We import the Q-cell high efficiency cell molds from Germany, the average transformed efficiency is more than 14% and the life time of the solar panels is more than 20 years. Toughened glass front cover, through hail test. TPT backside cover, EVA encapsulation,...

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